Thursday, August 9, 2007

For entertainment value

Art without a message is vanity, and a message without art is simply entertainment.

Like everyone else I enjoy a good movie at times. I have often observed from actors, directors, and writers that they simply want to entertain an audience. My question in response to this is: why? Is it a complete lack of self-confidence that they are in desperate need of approval from others? Is it because they want the monetary benefits of being famous? Or is it simply that they are so self-absorbed that they want the constant praise and attention? I believe the latter is probably the best answer. I've heard there is a saying in the entertainment bizz: "If you have a message leave it at the beep."

I ask what benefit is it for someone to simply entertain? What betterment will they leave on their fellow man? What lasting effect will it have on the world around them? Do they feel better about themselves that they have given humanity an excuse to ignore reality for a short time? Do they not realize their selfishness and vanity?

Don't get me wrong--I enjoy leaving the realm of reality and exploring the world of imagination as much as anyone, however I want my art and entertainment to mean something. I want entertainment that is deeper than blood, bombs, and adventure. I want an artistic message. Why? For some reason I think then I have been a small part in supporting true art and fulfilling entertainment. I haven't just killed some time so that I may abandon reality, but I am in support of making our reality better.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Monday, August 6, 2007

Give me...

What is it that you are seeking from God?

Do you want fame, success, money, peace, love, glory, etc?

What is it that you should seek from God?

What is it that you think God owes you?

Who makes the rules, us or God?

Soli Deo Gloria,

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Who am I?

I live so that I may be a reflection of Him.

I long to loose myself in Yeshua. I long to think like He thinks, speak like He speaks, do what He does, and die like He died.

Paul said, "It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me."

Too much of Skolex is living. Too much of Skolex is in control.

My friends who do you see?


Friday, May 18, 2007

Freewill, gravity, and a screw-up.

When it comes to the issue of freewill and determinism there is always one question that I can never get out of my mind: Does God have total control over my destiny? If you say "no" then you're saying there is a limitation to God's power. I personally believe there is no limit to His power. On the other hand, if you say "yes" many would say, "Why pray or seek to change something if God has already determined it?"

Before I go on let me say that there is no denying the perception of freewill at the least. We would all agree that, at the very least, it would appear we have freewill. I do not deny that. Secondly, I completely believe that we are held responsible for our actions. We cannot pass off our bad decisions or actions on an omnipotent and omniscient Being. Thirdly, I am not saying that we do not have freewill, but this is a blog. I am simply posting thoughts and questions about life. This is a question that I have asked some intelligent individuals in the past and I ask them again.

Now, let me give you what I've got in my pinto bean shaped head so far. My answer would be "Yes, God does have total control over my destiny." Well, then why must we pray or seek to change things for the better? My answer would be: because God designed us for that purpose. If God destined it that you would pray and then He would answer, who are we (created, limited, and dependent beings) to question Him. Then you may ask: "Well, why would God punish us for doing something He determined us to do?" I would answer: God makes the rules not us. He determines what is right and what is wrong. If He determines something, again, who are we to question it. I know it seems harsh and fatalistic, but God is God. God is Good, and God is Love, and what He does is good and loving. The ultimate purpose of God is for His glory. If my demise glorifies Him then glory be His name. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying I am looking for my demise, however I do hope my demise will be for the good of something. Plus, we do not know the complete will of God. We do not know what will happen tomorrow. So, who are we to say that God has not given us the desire and power to accomplish a certain task in our life.

But what about the perception of freewill? Doesn't it seem that we are the ones to decide whether we get up in the morning or not? To this I would say yes, absolutely it does! But, doesn't it seem that the reason we keep our feet on the ground is because we are beings of mass. However, we know that we keep our feet on the ground because of the rotation of the earth which causes gravity. I know this analogy has its limitations, but it could be the same with our decisions. We think that we are in control in making our own life, but in reality there is a bigger hand at the wheel in which we are too limited and small to see. A hand that is in complete control, but is beyond our realm of reference and thus we don't completely understand or realize what it is.

Maybe we believe in freewill because we are holding on to something in our life; maybe pride. If we do have freewill are we willing to give it over to God? Are we willing to let go? At times I think this because I know who I am. I know that if a mistake can happen I will make it. I know that if it can be messed up I will do it. I want God to take control because I know He is perfect, therefore everything He does is perfect.

So, do I believe in freewill? Yes, I do. Why, you may ask, after the explanation I just gave? My answer: because of the perception.

Just a Thought,

Monday, May 7, 2007

Give me some of that pure formed stuff!

The question has been floating around lately: What is the purest form of the New Testament church? What should the church look like and function like if it is to follow after a New Testament pattern? Well...I have a thought! What if the church were to focus on discipleship. I'm not talking about "Let's get together and discuss the game!" type of discipleship. I'm talking about "Let's get together and discuss the Word, proclaim Truth, enlighten minds, reach the needs, a tongues a fire, down and dirty type of discussion." When you look at the early church they started out with 12 guys who followed around the King of the world for 3 years. After 3 years He said, "You guys start doing what I've been doing."

I think the purest form of the New Testament church is a church that is intentional with discipleship--getting into peoples lives and proclaiming the Word. Sure, we need to meet together for cooperate worship, and I believe you see plenty of evidence in Scripture for the church meeting as one, and that it is extremely important; but we cannot forget the close, personal, intimate benefit that comes from a one-on-one relationship with a spiritual mentor.

Just a Thought,

Monday, April 30, 2007

A Spider's Life

--A teacher and student are enjoying an afternoon walk through a city determined by the reader.--

Teacher: My son, you realize you just stepped on a spider?

Student: Good teacher, no I did not. I was not paying attention because I was so involved in our discussion.

Teacher: What an arbitrary life a spider must live.

Student: What do you mean, most wise and astute one?

Teacher: The creature simply exists to catch, kill, and suck the blood of its victims. Now, here he lays disfigured and dead on the ground.

Student: But, teacher, what if thus was the purpose of the spider?

Teacher: My good boy, no creature exists for the purpose of such an insignificant life.

Student: But, if the creature lives his purpose, how could it be insignificant?

--Around this time, Skolex walks by and wonders what they would discuss if the student stepped in the “present” a canine left just two feet to the left of the student, but one can only wonder.--

Teacher: My simple boy, you are telling me that this creature lived to kill and be killed? Not to mention that this killing and being killed were done in a small amount of time. No creature could have such a sophistical life. These creatures have no purpose. They have no reason for their being, they simply are.

Student: So, wise and honorable teacher, you are telling me that there are creatures which have a purposeless existence? Why would the Creator of all things (for the gentlemen both come from the presupposition that there is a Creator) create a pointless creature, with a pointless existence?

Teacher: You do realize what you are saying my son? You are saying that the Creator formed a creature for the sole purpose of being stepped on by you. At least, the final purpose of the creature was to be stepped on by you. What kind of purpose, life, and existence would that be?

Student: My teacher, if this spider was formed and created for the sole purpose of being stepped on by me, I would say his existence and life was successful; for he achieved the very reason for his being.

--Teacher:The teacher lost in thought did not immediately respond, so the student added.--

Student: It would seem to me that any creature which lived its purpose, however insignificant one might believe that purpose is, was successful in life.

Teacher: My son, you still have not answered why a Wise and Powerful Creator would ever form such a being for such a harsh and futile purpose.

Student: Indeed, I must admit that I am not in the state of being to explain the reasons of the Divine. I am only in a situation in which I can postulate a successful being from the Divine.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Candy, Chocolate milk, and the young one

I have always thought that one could learn a lot from their children. My son is going through that exciting stage of demand and ask—demanding he gets something and asking until he does. I find it interesting that he is constantly asking or demanding things he does not need. "Daddy give me some candy!" or "Daddy can I have some chocolate milk?" Of course, there is nothing wrong with him having candy or chocolate milk every once in a while, but he wants them in excess. If I don't give them to him, he starts the whining and crying. So, I'm left with two options: give him the goods and he will stop the whining or hold strong and do what is best for him. I love my son. I want what is best for him physically and socially.

Let's apply this to the spiritual relationship between God and humanity. How many times have you been at God's feet whining and crying for something He is not giving you? I'm not talking about spiritual issues you are praying for, such as, salvation of a soul, restored fellowship, or spiritual renewal. I'm talking about the issues and desires in life we pray for that may not be spiritually beneficial. Okay, you are going to demand an example, so here you go: I once prayed daily for God to reveal to me whom He had for me as a wife. Some of you may say that is silly and others will think what is the big deal? Well, I was a teenager. Nowhere near the age, in which, one could marry or be engaged. It is the unnecessary and out-of-place request that seem to guide so many of our prayer lives. I will not indulge you with the superfluous things I pray for at times today, but be sure there are times in which I pray the unnecessary or out-of-place. When you consider that the early believers prayed the Model prayer three times a day, it makes the “Please, God help my team win the big game” prayer a little bit of a joke.

The point is that so many times we (followers of Jesus) demand and ask for things from God that we do not need. Sure, God blesses us with many things that we do not need, but should these request fill our prayer lives? And should we whine and cry when we do not get our way from God? He loves us. He made us. He created us. Does He not know what is best for us? Will He not do what is best for us? Should we not be concerned with the issues in which God is interested: glorification of His name, salvation of the lost, growth of the believer, helping the needy, healing the sick, and proclaiming the Truth? Instead of praying for a new vehicle, or a bigger house, or a better spouse let our prayers focus on issues that are for the betterment of the world we live; prayers that are prayed for the honor of our Lord!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How shall we begin?

There are so many subjects perusing through my mind that I find it difficult to catalog and reference everything; however, there is one subject that I have decided to begin with: the willingness of followers of Jesus Christ to compromise their convictions for acceptance. Let me be honest, I do not think there is any place in a believers life to be rude, mean, or belittle those around them. It is obvious from the teachings of Jesus that we should "love our neighbor," but there is a major difference between showing love and abolishing all conviction. How can we call ourselves followers of anything, if we are willing to follow whatever is popular at the time.
Again, don't misunderstand what I am trying to say. Just because one has a belief system does not mean one has to shove it down others throat. We can never, and should never try to, make someone a follower of Jesus Christ. Christians, at least we shouldn't, do not practice forced conversions. We believe God calls and converts. However, saying all of that, we should never be shy about telling the reality and truth in life. If Jesus Christ is the Way, Truth, and Life, then God forbid that we not declare it so. Shying away from that fact because of pressure from the world is unacceptable behavior and conviction. We should, as 1 Peter 3:15 says, always be ready to tell the Truth, but we should always do this, as 1 Peter 3:16 goes on to say, in "gentleness and respect." So, it seems that believers either slap someone with the Truth or they avoid telling the truth for acceptance. Both are dangerous and ineffective to our faith.
Friends, let us never back away from telling the Truth of the Word of God. For we all know the world never backs down from telling their opinions. So, first let us always be ready to tell the Word of God, but in kindness and gentleness, realizing that acting Christ-like and proclaiming Christ is our command to follow, while changing the hearts of man is God's part of the deal. This does not mean we whine and complain about every opinion the world regurgitates on us, rather we are to speak when the opportunity arises. And, secondly, let us never forget whom we represent. For the world will always call us simple minded, ignorant, and confused, but friends, let them never call us unloving, selfish, and belittling.

From the worm,

This is me.

I started this blog so I could have an opportunity to post my meager thoughts. Skolex is greek for "worm, maggot, or grub." These are not necessarily thoughts that are well researched or developed, they are simply musings that I have and want to bore you with. So, here you go.