Thursday, August 9, 2007

For entertainment value

Art without a message is vanity, and a message without art is simply entertainment.

Like everyone else I enjoy a good movie at times. I have often observed from actors, directors, and writers that they simply want to entertain an audience. My question in response to this is: why? Is it a complete lack of self-confidence that they are in desperate need of approval from others? Is it because they want the monetary benefits of being famous? Or is it simply that they are so self-absorbed that they want the constant praise and attention? I believe the latter is probably the best answer. I've heard there is a saying in the entertainment bizz: "If you have a message leave it at the beep."

I ask what benefit is it for someone to simply entertain? What betterment will they leave on their fellow man? What lasting effect will it have on the world around them? Do they feel better about themselves that they have given humanity an excuse to ignore reality for a short time? Do they not realize their selfishness and vanity?

Don't get me wrong--I enjoy leaving the realm of reality and exploring the world of imagination as much as anyone, however I want my art and entertainment to mean something. I want entertainment that is deeper than blood, bombs, and adventure. I want an artistic message. Why? For some reason I think then I have been a small part in supporting true art and fulfilling entertainment. I haven't just killed some time so that I may abandon reality, but I am in support of making our reality better.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Monday, August 6, 2007

Give me...

What is it that you are seeking from God?

Do you want fame, success, money, peace, love, glory, etc?

What is it that you should seek from God?

What is it that you think God owes you?

Who makes the rules, us or God?

Soli Deo Gloria,