Thursday, March 6, 2008

Immersion into the Divine

Why is it that we would rather rule than serve? Why is it we look down upon others rather than lift them up? Why is it we belittle others rather than seeing them as better than ourselves? Are we incapable of meekness within American Christianity? Why do we seek personal promotion more than we seek to connect to God? I am not being judgmental, I am one of you.
Reaching out to immerse ourselves in the Divine is not a common thought within the modern church. We want the abundance that Christ offers, but few receive it. We will never receive the abundant life that Jesus promises without the obedience He commands. Many, unfortunately, miss this truth, and cheapen grace. We would rather boast in our sin and relish in defeat, thinking all the while we are victors in life.
"Father, rise us out of the sand that swallows us alive. Pour grace on your church, so she may be a pure pride the is fruitful and productive. Allow us to connect to the fire of life, so we may burn as an anthem to You. Awaken us from the sleep of night, though it may be dark outside. Hear our hearts weep. Free us from our desires. We pray--break."