Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Yahweh demands our complete and total allegiance. Yahweh—the same God that created everything out-of-nothing, who gives life and death, who sent His Son for the sheep, who ordained His Son to die and raise again, who promised to return, who is in control of all history, who sustains the universe, who destines all for His glory, this Yahweh, seeks our total devotion. Anything less is idolatry! To follow Jesus one must deny himself/herself. To follow Jesus one must despise earthly glory. To follow Jesus one must be the bearer of grace.
How unlike us to want Jesus! I naturally, in and of myself, want nothing but vain satisfaction and earthly treasure. If not for God’s grace I would forever seek sin. If not for God’s grace I would forever long for death. I never sought God, rather He sought me and called me to be His own. I was dead! Dead men do not talk. Dead men do not seek! Dead is dead! Until that glorious day when God said, “Lazarus, come out!” Until that day I never wanted, nor sought, anything but worthless rags. I did not, and do not, merit this gift.
“Father, forgive me for thinking I had anything to do with my salvation. You demand an allegiance only you can provide. Thank you for grace!”

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